Social Media Marketing Suit (SMM)

Executive Summary

CitiReview’s technique involves a mix of the most powerful social media campaign strategies in the industry. Our page designs are cutting edge and employ as many technologies as necessary to increase the value of your social media marketing campaign. The results from our efforts regularly outpace that of your rivals by several multiples, catapulting your brand ahead of your competition.


Increase online social media presence of the company through a Facebook and Twitter social
media campaign. Campaign will center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and
encourages readers to share it with their social networks. Gain 500-1000 real and targeted
followers or likes per month using these strategies. Results may vary per industry.


To really make your social media campaign a huge success, we would develop a deep
understanding of your business including: the nature of your business needs, competition, goals,
and desired outcome. In addition you can ask any questions that may be concerning you in
regards to the types of changes that will be made to your FanPages, when to expect results, and
the strategic foundation for your ongoing social media marketing campaign.

CitiReview will employ the following methods over a 6-month campaign:

  • Custom design of Facebook fan page
  • Custom design of Twitter profile
  • 200-800 New & Real Followers/Likes Monthly on Social Media Sites by:
  • Market fan pages on popular groups and profiles within the social networks
  • Run ad campaigns targeted at specific followers
  • Construct a personalized guide to efficient unique content posting to networking sites and encourage interaction between clients on your social media sites.
  • (including comments, links, videos, articles, and contests): twice daily
  • Provide method for employees to make use of social media outlets and announce products updates and changes
  • Encourage conversions and feedback


Campaigns will be maintained twice daily; six times a week for as long as the plan is
retained by the CitiReview Team.

When Can Results Be Seen?

Results will be easily noticed by the end of the first month. Construction will begin as soon as we start the campaign with credibility being established through prominent social media activity an increase in customers should also be taking notice after the first or second month. Of course, as with all online reputation building, results will vary depending on business structure and industry size.